03 januari 2018

Ten reasons I love running barefoot

I've been running barefoot for almost three years now, slowly building up in running distance per training. In 2017 I ran 2052 kilometers, of which about 30% barefoot, 30% on Vibram Five Fingers and 40% on traditional shoes. A year without any (stress) injuries and lots of great training sessions. Maximum distance on bare foot per training now is some 12-13 km.

I just love running barefoot, and here's why...

Barefoot running...
  1. ... makes my running more playful, skipping and jumping, going through puddles, instead of avoiding them et cetera.
  2. ... is super rich in feeding the senses, especially because of the different surfaces you're running on and their different temperatures, but also because I seem to use my proprioception senses more intensely. 
  3. ... improves my running technique, not by thinking how to run, but simply by following what feels natural.
  4. ... leads to stronger and healthier feet (better blood flow!), calves and other parts of my natural shock absorbing system.
  5. ... leads to the nice feeling of tingling feet all days, especially after training in colder circumstances.
  6. ... triggers and trains my eye-foot coordination and balance.
  7. ... is done on feet that start to recover directly after running and are fit and fresh every day (while shoes wear out from the moment you start using them).
  8. ... is cheap.
  9. ... is honest when you train too much or the wrong way, while shoes might conceal crucial information your body can give.
  10. ... makes life easier: you never have to wash your dirty socks or clean your shoes.

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